Workplace Consultancy

Workplace Consultancy refers to the practice of analyzing, evaluating and optimizing the efficiency and use of your workplace.

Through intelligent workplace planning, you can increase collaboration and therefore productivity levels, as well as make more efficient use of space and as a result reduce real estate costs. Not only is there a qualitative outcome but ultimately, the aim is to increase revenue and reduce real estate costs. Even the intangible effects of a workplace strategy such as increased job satisfaction and staff engagement are designed to lead to higher productivity levels and therefore more turnover. So the advantages are manyfold and should not be underestimated.

When consulting you on your workplace, we look at the overall structure of your business, considering your business model, organization structure, corporate culture, industry sector and drivers for change.

We can assist you with your workplace strategy as part of our consultancy service and advise you on:

  • Reducing real estate costs by optimizing the use of space
  • Reviewing existing footprints and space allocations
  • Interdepartmental adjacencies and the effect on business workflow and communication
  • New ways of working to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Innovative design and furniture solutions to increase communication and collaboration
  • Aligning your workplace strategy to support business your culture

You may be looking to expand or consolidate your office, in which case the space will need to be replanned. Alternatively, you may wish to relocate to a new location. The new space may have a similar floor plan or it may be an unusual shape, in which case careful and intelligent planning is needed to make the most efficient use of the space. If you are taking a larger area across several floors, we would look at floor adjacencies and display this through the use of stacking diagrams. This is important when trying to address inter-departmental workflow and privacy issues

The workplace is a living and breathing environment and your staff are your assets and are literally the life source of your company. When planning any workplace, it is essential to bear in mind and consider the dynamics not only of human behavior, but also the unique way your organisation functions. A carefully designed space should streamline internal functions in line with your business objectives.

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