Melamine Faced Chipboard ( MFC )

What is Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)?

  • Melamine faced chipboard, or MCF, is a composite wood.
  • It is made by combining machined wood chips together with a strong resin.
  • Hence it is an engineered wood product.
  • Melamine is a thermosetting plastic which is applied to paper.
  • This is then glued onto the chipboard, so that it achieves its final look.
  • High pressure heat bonding is also used to impregnate the paper to the particleboard.
  • This makes it more durable, and in some cases it is also water resistant.
  • MCF comes in various types, including sizes, thicknesses and colours.

Where is Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) Used?

  • Melamine faced chipboard is used in countless ways – from household furniture to commercial uses.
  • You can find it in kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, shop furniture and much more!

Is Melamine Faced Chipboard Sustainable?

  • When it comes to sustainability MFC is fairly good.
  • This is because a good part of MFC is made from wood that comes from trees that are found in sustainable              forests.
  • The rest comes from high quality recycled waste wood.
  • All in all, if more furniture is made from MFC, fewer trees will need to be cut down in relation to solid wood.

Advantages of MFC

  • MFC has several positive attributes, which make it so popular:
  • It does not require any finishing or treatment, such as other kinds of wood.
  • It is lightweight, and so easier to work with, and to transport and handle it.
  • Despite being lightweight, it is hard wearing.
  • This material is also considerably scratch resistant, and this improves the item’s longevity.
  • It is heat resistant and water resistant.
  • Comes in so many different colours and styles, which offers room for choice.
  • It is relatively affordable, especially when one needs to use a lot of boards or sheets.
  • It is easy to maintain and to clean.
  • It is an eco-friendly material since it is mainly made from wood waste and scraps of lumber products such as          wood chips, shavings and sawdust, which would otherwise have been thrown away.
  • The smooth and flat surface makes it ideal to stick decorative laminate or wood veneer.


  • By now you should be better able to appreciate the various advantages of MFC.
  • Everything considered, it is a good idea to opt for this material as you can save money and have a good quality piece of furniture