Architectural Vinyl Wrapping Paper (AVWP)

Architectural Vinyl Wrapping Paper

What is Architectural Vinyl Wrap

The architectural vinyl wrap is a long-lasting surface coating that resists stains. It is also offered in a variety of designs, hues, and textures. The patterns of the architectural film mimic surfaces composed of wood, metal, paint, fabric, etc. Additionally, it is a sustainable option because it enables texture changes without having to replace the item.

Who we are

On projects involving kitchen, bathroom and fit out refurbishment, we are masters in architectural wrapping. Our team is passionate about using our the finest items to improve our clients’ interior circumstances.
For the benefit of our distinguished customers interested in restroom or kitchen refurbishment in Dubai and around the UAE, we bring over two decades of combined experience from the UK. Professionals with extensive training and experience make up our team, and they produce work that adheres to rigid European Standards. Our customers benefit from great durability, dependable performance, and unparalleled aesthetics because we meticulously choose the best materials and award-winning brands. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate if you’re looking for the best quality residential and commercial wrapping services that are delivered on time and within your budget.

What we do

Using our exclusive Interior Architectural Film, we alter your area.
We specialise in upcycling interior spaces utilising our innovative wrapping technology that makes use of high-quality Architectural Interior Film, including kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, elevators, and everything else in between. We are equipped to handle everything, from bathroom renovations to kitchen worktop repair. Our products’ advantages include being completely waterproof, scratch-resistant, microbial, mould, and self-extinguishing.
Our film is meticulously divided into pieces to fit your space, and it is then applied to the surface using a reliable application system on-site, ensuring that all of the edges are tight and flush. This causes a transformation that is as good as new. With our bespoke wrapping service, a flawless fit is ensured, leaving no unsightly gaps .

Kitchen Wrap

We offer architectural vinyl covers to modernise and change the appearance of your kitchen to your liking. This covers the flooring, doors, frames, countertops, cabinets, and backsplash.

Office Wrap

Instead of replacing them, update furniture and workstations with our easy-to-apply vinyls. Our vinyls are strong and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for walls, lockers, canteens, and workstations.

Bathroom Wrap

You might affordably create the bathroom of your fantasies with surface remodelling. We wrap the cupboards, ceiling, doors, and walls in bathrooms. a great replacement for remodelling or painting.

Showroom Warp

Retail establishments today confront the difficulty of offering their clients compelling shopping experiences due to the growth of e-commerce stores. In Dubai, showroom wrapping has grown in popularity as a way to update shop spaces and give clients a contemporary, inviting environment. This method uses vinyl coverings to transform showroom rooms, including the walls, flooring, windows, and exhibit areas. It provides a less expensive option to major remodelling projects.