Interior Design Consultancy

Interior Design services relate to the conceptual and physical design of your workplace. There are various elements and several stages our designers go through, in order to come up with a package which is a suitable and viable for your office.

The main stages include:

  • Concept design
  • Materials and finishes
  • Detailed architectural and mechanical/electrical design
  • FF&E specification and procurement (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment – as part of the overall design scope of works)

Concept Design refers to the underlying look and feel which dictates the interior design of your office. It is the concept which communicates and translates a unique “personality” and message about your organization to your staff as well as to external visitors. The concept design is usually driven by your individual corporate culture, branding, business needs and also ambitions and goals in terms of your workplace strategy.

Materials & Finishes

All of the intangible aspects of your company can be captured through the use of tangible materials and finishes in the space itself. Overall we are able to communicate a concept through the use of carefully selected:

  • Furniture such as task chairs, workstations, soft seating etc
  • Finishes e.g. fabrics, leathers, woods etc
  • Flooring e.g. carpets, vinyl, hard surfaces etc
  • Fixtures – these are more minor details such as door handles, sockets etc
  • Lighting – functional, decorative, lux levels etc
  • Branding, way-finding, graphics, artwork etc

Once the fundamental concept is determined in terms of what you want your office to say and how you want to say it, we proceed with the interior design of actually implementing the concept and translating it to the physical space of your office so people can experience it. This will almost always be unique to each individual organisation according to its workplace strategy, corporate culture, business needs and budget.

Detailed Design

Once initial space planning has been done and a concept has been developed, detailed architectural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design is carried out. At this stage our design and CAD team work on a detailed design package which contains accurate drawings covering every aspect of construction. This package is what will be submitted to the governing zoning authority or Municipality, Civil Defense as well as the landlord in Dubai, Abu Dhabi/UAE.

FF&E Specification & Procurement

Our designers carefully select furniture solutions which suit their designs in line with your brief. We are independent from any manufacturers or suppliers and are therefore able to choose from a wide variety of brands and product lines, in line with your concept, requirements, and budget. We can handle the whole procurement process on your behalf to ensure products are delivered on time and according to specification. Furniture are long lead items and most of the products are manufactured and shipped from abroad (UK, US, Europe etc) to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE or other regional locations where the project is. For this reason an 8-12 week lead time is factored into the programme of a project.

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